A very warm welcome from the Coffee Brothers!

Coffee Brothers is a place where you can get together with family and friends, drink our delicious Fairtrade coffee and relax in comfortable surroundings. We offer a selection of freshly roasted boutique blends, dried green bean and professional espresso coffee machines for you to buy and use at your leisure.

The Coffee Brothers brand sprung from the passion of two lifelong friends, their love of the aroma taste and essence of the simple coffee bean, made them search for the perfect mix and blend to sell from their own premises. For the past 15 years they have been testing different blends and roasts throughout Vanuatu and now are the highest rated coffee by Beanhunter in Sydney and Australia. Don’t take our word for it – come and try for yourself!

What We Offer:

  • A wonderful coffee experience. Our Fairtrade farmers are carefully selected and we only choose their finest whole beans for the best aroma and flavour.
  • You can buy our fantastic whole coffee beans online or in our cafe. Be rest assured the coffee is packaged for maximum freshness and will only have recently been roasted.
  • You can talk to our farmers! With our farmers working so hard to produce the best beans, we thought you might like to show them your appreciation. Log onto the website and send them some love, they really enjoy hearing from coffee fans!

What Makes Us Different?

We believe in exceeding the Fair Trade policy and taking it to the next level of equality. We have a direct relationship with our farmers and cut out the middlemen.

We pay premium prices in appreciation for their hard work, which keeps the process of bean to cup, honest, rewarding and real.

If you would like to buy our Fairtrade coffee beans online then browse around and fill up your shopping cart. Alternately come and visit us in our cafe, we’ll be waiting with a fresh brew!

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The Tanna Island Coffee we purchase is BEYOND Fairtrade.


Unlike most coffee farmers around the world, our farmers share in the Dried Green Bean sale price. Normally farmers sell their parchment coffee (like a cashew nut) to a local buyer where it's processed into a dried green bean. INIK Co-op collects the dry parchment before JV Partner Tanna Coffee Plantations processes to DGB. They then hold and sell the DGB for the best price possible.