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Coffee Brothers welcomes you to our site where you can purchase our selection of freshly roasted boutique coffee blends, Dried Green Bean and professional Espresso Coffee Machines for home, office or cafe.

Coffee is a great social lubricant, a wonderful way to bring friends and family together. Coffee Brothers is the work of two lifelong friends who both have a passion for the aroma, taste and essence of coffee. With over 15 years experience in selecting, roasting and blending coffee, they both knew what makes a great coffee.

Here at Coffee Brothers our passion is coffee, we know what it’s like to have an average coffee that’s why we selectively pursue only the finest and tastiest beans for our coffee to allow you to saviour each and every aroma and flavour . Our mission is to consistently provide a boutique coffee product that has the aroma, flavour and taste to deliver you a wonderful coffee experience. Coffee Brothers seeks to develop a personal coffee relationship between the consumer and our coffee farmers, via constant updates on what our farmers are doing, new bean supply updates and where possible the opportunity to meet our wonderful farmers via the web.

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The Tanna Island Coffee we purchase is BEYOND Fairtrade.


Unlike most coffee farmers around the world, our farmers share in the Dried Green Bean sale price. Normally farmers sell their parchment coffee (like a cashew nut) to a local buyer where it's processed into a dried green bean. INIK Co-op collects the dry parchment before JV Partner Tanna Coffee Plantations processes to DGB. They then hold and sell the DGB for the best price possible.